Sustainability – Energy Conservation

SUSTAINABILITY Energy Conservation EPMB has a 2MW photovoltaic infrastructure in Batang Kali, covering around 3.2 acres of roof space. This integrated setup reduces our CO2 emissions by approximately 40,000 tons per year. In 2022, the facility generated 1,205 MWh, compared to 1,605 MWh in 2021. Since 2013, this infrastructure has been operational. We are mindful […]

Sustainability – Society

SUSTAINABILITY Society EPMB recognizes its responsibility to contribute to society as we rely on stakeholders and their inputs for our value creation activities. As a local manufacturer, we are invested in the well-being of our communities. We believe that giving back to the community brings mutual benefits and aligns with our shared aspirations. However, our […]

Sustainability – Environment

SUSTAINABILITY Environment EPMB endeavours to minimise the impact of its value creation activities on the environment, and implement several initiatives at the level of our business units to minimise our impact where and when possible. The need for environmental conservation has become increasingly important given the growing regularity of extreme weather events linked to climate […]

Sustainability – Sustaining Our Talent

SUSTAINABILITY Sustaining Our Talent Material Matters: Occupational Health and Safety Learning and Intellectual Growth Operational Efficiency Risk Mitigation Our employees are vital to our success, and we prioritize maintaining a competent workforce to prevent operational deficiencies and ensure customer satisfaction. To address potential labor shortages, we focus on hiring local workers. We offer training modules […]

Sustainability – Economic

SUSTAINABILITY Economic We implement initiatives to address economic issues that impact our business, including technology advancements, competition risk, foreign exchange fluctuations, supply chain management, and manpower availability. These issues are crucial as they can influence our financial stability and our ability to meet customer demands. Additionally, we have made strides in establishing our electric vehicle […]

Sustainability – Technology Innovation

SUSTAINABILITY Technology Innovation Material Matters: Operational Efficiency Energy Conservation Waste Reduction Waste Reduction We developed our Super Delivery Ecosystem with an Electronic Payment System to integrate technology into our operations. This will enhance efficiency, productivity, and cost savings. In addition, we made progress in establishing our electric vehicle (EV) business through agreements with partners. The […]


SUSTAINABILITY Sustainability Statement Explore how EPMB is committed to operating as a global, profitable group that prioritises long-term sustainability while being guided by compassion.