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It is my pleasure to welcome you to the official website of EP Manufacturing Bhd. Making our mark on the World Wide Web has been an important endeavour for me in moving the Group forward. demonstrates how serious EPMB is in meeting the countless new challenges facing Malaysian corporations today and in time to come.

Quite simply, the world and the way business is done has changed. Where borders, laws and taxes were once feasible means of protecting national interests and domestic industries, it is now apparent that with globalization fast becoming a reality, such assistance is no longer enough.

At EPMB, we recognize that being globally competitive, accessible and transparent is now of paramount importance to survive. While the domestic market remains vital for resources and income, the fast-approaching implementation of ASEAN Free Trade Area regulations will no doubt limit growth opportunities at home… a challenging scenario for any Malaysian-born company with great aspirations and long-term prospects. We have made it our vision to be a globally competitive, profitable yet compassionate corporation, and it is our mission to ensure all the needs of our customers and stakeholders are met with the utmost satisfaction.

Through technical and strategic partnerships with leading auto components makers like Bosch, we have not only been able to learn from the industry's best, we have also gained the opportunity to explore more joint development initiatives both locally and abroad. By re-investing a significant amount of our earnings back into fine-tuning and automating our operations, we have ensured a sustainable stream of business with the capacity to take on more.

Our drive to continually grow and improve has also earned us recognition that will take us far as the Group expands. Two of our subsidiaries have attained the globally-recognized quality standards of ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/TS16949:2002. We do not plan to stop there.

Finally, as a commitment to our investors, we have put in place effective management systems with good succession planning to ensure EPMB not only survives, but surpasses the vision of its founding members. In time to come, these measures will no doubt fulfill EPMB's aspirations to be an automotive systems supplier that customers, suppliers and other industry stalwarts recognize as an internationally-certified and competitively-priced global player.

As you peruse this website, you will begin to find that EPMB is a maturing company with exciting times ahead.I look forward to sharing the story -- and the future -- of EPMB with you.


Hamidon bin Abdullah

Executive Chairman,

EP Manufacturing Berhad

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