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  Body Parts
Cross Member
A brace or strut which provides structural stability for the sides of a frame. Made from high strength steel and assembly welded by precision CO2 robotic machines with an ED coating. Tested for endurance, strength and corrosion resistance.
Sub Frame
A frame which provides structural stability and supports the weight of a part. Made from high strength steel and assembly welding by a precision CO2 robotic machine and finished with ED coating. Tested for endurance,
strength and corrosion resistance.
Dash Panel
Pressed from high strength sheet steel, it provides a barrier between the engine and passenger compartments. An automated robotic spot welding line is used for consistency of part quality. Stringent process controls are used to test parts for dimensional strength integrity.
Door Panel
High strength sheet steel pressed to tight tolerances. Produced in 1 tandem stamping line for high productivity.
Trailing Arm
A type of rear suspension made from high strength steel and assembly welded by a precision CO2 robotic machine and finished with ED coating. In-house metal stamping and assembly, includes heat treated spindle with bushes and ED coating. Tested for endurance, strength and corrosion resistance.

Link Control
A link between the trailing arm and the body. Our process includes ED coating and bush insertion.

  Engine Parts
Oil Pan
Metal blanking and stamping, weld assembly, and ED coating for strength and corrosion resistance.
  Modular Assemblies
Corner Modules
A complete modular system at the wheel consisting of Brake Calipers or Brake Drum Assemblies, Rotors or Drum Brakes, Wheel Hub Assemblies, Trailing Arms, Lower Arms, Link Complete Control, ABS Wheel Speed Sensor,
Cable Parking Brake and Brake Hoses. Module is assembled in an automated line with 100% inline checking run-out and leak with critical control of tolerances.
Fuel Tank Modules
In-house stamping of tank panels. Complete module assembly and inline testing. Incorporating Fuel Pump Module, Fuel Filter, ROV Valve, 2 Way Valves, Fuel Filler Neck Assembly, Fuel Harness and Tubing
Duplex Assy
Actuation system for the brake system comprising of Brake Booster, Master Cylinder with Reservoir, and Proportioning Valve.
  Engineering Plastic Parts
Fuel Rail Assy 
A module consisting of fuel rail, injectors and regulators. It provides precise injected quantities of fuel to the engine.
The fuel rail is moulded utilizing a precise process in a controlled condition and environment
Air Ducting 
Processes available include plastic blow moulding or injection. The component provides a channel for proper
ventilation within a vehicle
Bumper Assembly 
An integrated bumper assembly with fog lamps. Full in-house capabilities include product design, 3000 tonne capacity injection, automated painting line, integrated lamp assembly, and testing.
Rear Spoiler 
Integrated spoiler with stop lamp. Full in-house capabilities include product design, plastic blow moulding, automated painting and integrated lamp assembly, as well as testing.
  Lamp Assemblies
Rear Combination Lamp 
An integrated lamp assembly consisting of Rear Lamp, Signal, Reverse, Stop and Fog Lamp. Process includes double colour injection. Vacuum metallization, hotplate welding, and assembly. Products meet E-mark requirements.

Head Lamp 
An integrated unit combining front lamp and signal lamp. Process includes hard coating for toughness, injection, hot-melt sealing, and assembly. In-line testing ensures lamp functionality, alignment, and sealing integrity.

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